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Creative team-building workshops - the art of team building

Team-building activities have come a long way since we were stretching out our arms to catch a colleague in a “trust fall” or navigating a muddy obstacle course. Yet corporate, social or team-building events often still seem to involve an adrenaline-fuelled challenge or formal training in the same hotel meeting rooms. There now also needs to be a focus on people’s imaginations, creativity and sense of fulfilment rather than simply their existing skillsets. A thriving business requires thriving employees who are not just skilled, but happy and motivated.

This requires a different kind of team-building activity, one that takes place in a relaxed environment in which to undertake an exercise that improves communication between employees, builds on existing work relationships and forges new ones. As businesses come to recognise that the power of creativity is not only beneficial to innovative thinking, but also personal wellbeing, such an activity should also be creative and fun.

Epitomising that relaxed, creative and supportive environment is Pot en Ciel, a ceramic painting studio in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The studio provides a huge choice of ceramics, including mugs, plates and jugs, and a range of colours and tools with which to paint them. It caters for companies wanting “wellbeing days” or corporate sessions in which staff can build confidence and rapport while sparking their imaginations and socialising.

Tailored Sessions

Each session can be tailored to a business’s needs and aims. Participants can explore different techniques, from painting a mug to creating a mural with tiles, or pairing up with a colleague to learn more about each other and then paint a picture that best describes the other person. The studio offers expert advice and ideas to unleash one’s inner artist and each painted piece is fired and glazed after the session and available for collection a week later.

Offering staff a shared creative outlet outside the office forges a sense of community that can be invaluable back in the workplace, especially as technology encourages us to work more remotely and in isolation. At heart, we’re social creatures and at our best when interacting with each other. Creating space to let one’s imagination run free can also lead to all sorts of innovative ideas. Who knows where your ceramic masterpiece may take you next?

How to Book a Session

Click here to book a session at Pot en Ciel or telephone us on 07493 017251.

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