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We thought it would be helpful to share with you the precautions we have taken to keep everyone safe when attending the studio.


70% alcohol hand sanitiser is available in the studio and by the front door of the Emporium to be used when entering and leaving the building.


Track & trace
All visitors will have their details recorded for the purposes of track & trace and are encouraged to sign in with the NHS app using our Pot en Ciel QR code.


Studio facilities and cleanliness

We are very lucky to have a large open studio which has allowed us to position our tables at least one metre apart. We have also reduced the number of tables.


There is plenty of space to circulate and there are clearly marked areas on the floor.  The bisque display is now for “viewing only” so you can be reassured that nobody else will have touched the item you want to paint.

We are restricting the number of painters in the studio at any given time, so please note that for the time being we cannot cater for walk-ins and it is now necessary to book in advance.  We also stagger everyone’s start times to avoid unnecessary waiting on arrival. 


We ask people to wear face masks when in the studio; although for those who prefer, full-face plastic visors are available on request.


Ceramic painting is an activity that requires constant cleaning anyway!  Each piece of equipment is washed thoroughly between uses and we have tightened our hygiene practices further by introducing hand sanitiser for each table, and by using antiviral cleaning agents on all our paint pots, tables and chairs.  Our sink area has disposable paper towels for drying hands.


All food and drinks consumed at the studio are served in disposable containers.


Paint at home option

If you are not completely reassured by the above information and would prefer to paint at home, then please let us know and we can make the necessary arrangements.



  • Face masks required (visors available)

  • Reduced number of painters at any given time

  • Staggered arrival of parties

  • Advance bookings required - no walk ins

  • Enhanced cleaning regime with hand sanitisers on each table, plus hand washing facilities available.

                                                                                                                                                                          Last updated October 2020

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