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 About Us 

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What is Pot en Ciel?

Pot en Ciel is a pottery painting studio for adults, but children are also welcome.

What's in the name?

In French, Pot en Ciel means Pot in the Sky. It is also pronounced the same way as the french word for potential.

The sky is your limit

We can help you to discover your potential for creating beautiful and totally unique ceramic items.

If you wish, we can show you how to use simple but effective painting techniques to decorate anything from a mug, a yarn bowl or even a novelty unicorn to a complete dining set.

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Meet Agnès

Having my own ceramic painting studio was my dream for 18 years before I finally took the plunge and opened Pot en Ciel in January 2020.

My passion for people, wellbeing, creativity, and personal development is reflected in my previous careers as Image Consultant, trainer and Secondary School Teacher of French (my mother tongue).

Supporting adults and children unleash their potential, spend some therapeutic quality time and have fun whilst being creative makes me happy.

I am not an artist; I am a facilitator who believes that crafting is good for our mental health. Painting on ceramic is not about perfection, it is about spirit and passion, and that, I have plenty of!

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